Nr. 1. -- 5.0 out of 5 stars - Great Read!
By jemini on April 13, 2016

I just finished reading this imaginative, compelling book by new author, Michael E. Gonzales. I liked the characters and the story line had enough twists and turns to keep me interested. I feared a non-techie, such as myself, might get lost in scientific techno speak, but not so; there was just enough to explain what was going on, but I didn’t feel overwhelmed by it. This book has it all…space travel, living on the Moon, aliens, quakes, secrets, and romance! I’m definitely looking forward to Book 2!
* * * * *
Nr. 2 -- 5.0 out of 5 stars - AMAZING BOOK!

ByAmazon Customer on April 7, 2016

Amazing book! I have never been a science fiction person however half way through this book I am already excited to read the rest of the series! Great plot and characters!

 adventure with an other-worldly twist June 5, 2018
This was the first book by Mike Gonzales that I had the opportunity to read, and I was pleased to discover how much I enjoyed traveling to a new planet and imagining what might enfold.

Kathy and Dave connected as they journeyed to a new world. Once there, they adjust to their future, establishing friendships, building relationships, and discovering some hidden treasures. They also learn of an evil plan and lead the way to eliminate that horror with the help of some unlikely allies and new friends.

I was amazed by the world built around me -- so much detail and such creativity from the tiniest plant life to the amazing wonders in the sky! All the twists and turns kept me at the edge of my seat, ready for when the dust would settle.

If you’re a fan of adventure with an other-worldly twist, you won’t want to miss this!

5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent Science Fiction in the classical form from a Great New Writer
By Mr. Truitton March 30, 2016

Mr.Gonzales has written an excellent b...ook. His characters are very believable and well developed. Not only that, they appeal to the reader in such a way that the reader becomes involved with them in the story. The story line is excellent and builds constantly. The opening of the book grabs the reader's interest straight away and maintains it's hold right through the very end. This is the author's first novel and he is certainly starting out well. The tone and feeling of this brings back the flavor of the classics of Golden Age science fiction. It has the feel of something from the early works of Robert Heinlein or Lester Del Rey or even Issac Asimov. It is SPACE OPERA in the true sense and reaches back to the true meaning of SCIENCE FICTION in that it involves human emotions and attitudes being impacted by scientific developments and discoveries. I most wholeheartedly recommend this novel to all lovers of REAL SCIENCE FICTION and look forward to the publication of the rest of this series.

Reviews are starting to come in, these off Amazon:

By Michael E. Gonzales

1. Cheryl reviewed Dark Moon Rising (The Unborn Galaxy Book 1)

Most excellent adventure. March 17, 2016
Good characters, a quick read and imaginative. I look forward to the next story in the series. Pick up and read, it's worth it.

2. Amazon Customer reviewed Dark Moon Rising (The Unborn Galaxy Book 1)

A Good Read for almost everyone March 17, 2016
It took only two days to read in my spare time. Very well thought out. Nice book that I would recommend. Good science and nice little love story.

3. Gage reviewed Dark Moon Rising (The Unborn Galaxy Book 1)

Amazing! March 13, 2016
This is an amazing book and I look forward to reading the rest of the series! Anyone can read this and enjoy it. A great science fiction novel & I couldn't put it down!

4. Julie reviewed Dark Moon Rising (The Unborn Galaxy Book 1)

Wonderful story March 11, 2016
The story concept, the character development, the twists are all better than any I have read in years. This story is about scientists on the moon, military security, and an international alliance that finances it all. A devastating earthquake occurs and causes big problems for everyone. This story has great depth of characters, their humanity and the lives of a few are in jeopardy. Things are not always as they seem. Very enjoyable, thought-provoking concept.

5. Stephanie reviewed Dark Moon Rising (The Unborn Galaxy Book 1)

This book was a joy to read March 10, 2016
First I must say I usually do not read this genre of book. The cover and the description intrigued me so I thought I'd give it a read. I was drawn in by the character development and the plot moves at a fast pace. I was glued cover to cover.
Living life as scientists on the moon and secret government experiments comes to an abrupt bypass as a devastating earthquake sends a group of diverse scientist scrambling for their lives and trying to make it back to Earth alive. Each person of the group isn't always what they seem and trust becomes essential to survival. What it means to be human is not always as it seems.
This book was a joy to read. With colorful language, budding romance, and friendship tested the plot was a real page turner. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

6. Rising Star Reviews reviewed Dark Moon Rising (The Unborn Galaxy Book 1)

New Author Scores with Science Fiction Series March 8, 2016
Author: Michael Gonzales

The world of science fiction authors and readers will welcome new author Michael Gonzales. His first novel of a series titled UNBORN GALAXY, is DARK MOON RISING which takes you to the moon--literally. A colony of humans have succeeded in building a large permanent habitat to carry out research for on-going lunar explorations. Knowing something about science fiction novels, I know the writer must have a vision of "world-building," and Mr. Gonzales has cleared this first hurdle.
As with any good story, characters are the true center of the action. The story begins with the arrival of a new team of scientists. I was pleased the author uses a budding romantic relationship between a man and a woman to further his story.
Congratulations, Michael Gonzales. Well done.
Five Stars
Rising Star Reviews



Betsy reviewed Across a Sea of Stars (The Unborn Galaxy Book 3)  February 21, 2018.
"I really like this author. I have read his other two books also. To me this latest book shows a positive progression of his talents as an author. The details and easy transitions of the story make it a nice reading book. I look forward to the next book!"