My most recent blog post:

I slept and dreamt I was in a spell, and fell into darkening well.
Or did I float and rise into that inky ether where the stars reside?
In a ship with billowing sails I rode
Past the Moon, and stars, beyond the wheel within which they strode.
A land unknown was shown to me, a land of beauty, but hard as stone.
Here great evil’s trumpet did resound, I ran until I fell to ground.
Flight or fight? I took my stand. Would I live or die? I could not tell.
The painful battle was a bloody hell, that pushed me to a darkening well.
Into the pit I fell, and fell, sure that I was soon to die.
At length I rose into a star filled sky.
Where a single dove was passing by.
Upon her wings of velvet snow, she led me to a land where naught but love did grow.
My hurts healed, by fever calmed, by lips as soft as the light of dawn.
From my dreaming I awoke, at the light of the accursed sun did I look.
Now, my tears stained the pages, as I closed my book.


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