"Sci-fi readers, prepare yourselves! Michael Gonzales has a series that will knock your socks off -- because most, if not all of it, is entirely plausible. Watch for Dark Moon Rising in bookstores and online!"

Julie Jackson Wilcox
August 11, 2015

Book IV of the

The Unborn Galaxy Series,

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The Vampires of Antyllus!

A distant world in orbit around a binary red star set, light years away, holds the promise of humanity’s future. It also contains a deadly secret that unleashes the worst of all greed and the unthinkable—those who would kill for blood.
When Lieutenant Colonel Kathy Selina is offered the choice to relocate to the Antyllus colony, she hardly has a choice.  The military has not only training and time invested in her, but she’s also been given a new SUB body to defeat the deadly disease that would have killed her, as a human.  Kathy, along with her executive officer, Major Dave Mitchel, a handful of SUBs, and the members of the Colony Defense Force, must pit their skills and abilities against the most malevolent enemy the universe has ever faced.
Failure will mean a terrible end for the planet’s native inhabitants, those who’ve come to colonize Antyllus, and certain death for the small cadre of defenders, as well. In a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, how can Kathy, Dave, and their band of soldiers defend an entire world against THE VAMPIRES OF ANTYLLUS?

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DARK MOON RISING began back in 2008. After eighteen months I had completed my very first manuscript. It was then that I learned why, when some sit down to write "the great American novel" ... quit. There is absolutely nothing easy about it.
     Writing does come with its own rewards, however. Some of us enjoy it, despite the long hours, late nights and endless days researching, scripting, and steering the plot ... in the end I discovered that I enjoyed the entire process.
     To date I have completed tewenty-six full length novels.

     Five of these stories take place in the same "universe," in that they all start on humanity’s first off planet settlement -- on the Moon. Its name is the Joint International Lunar Laboratory ... JILL.

     I hope you'll come with me on the many adventures I've created. We'll journey to the Moon and beyond, to distant alien worlds orbiting red dwarf stars.

     We'll venture back through time to the Second World War and follow a young German subaltern as he discovers the truth and then discovers true peace on the Isle of Apples.

     There are more stories, and more yet to come. Science Fiction, Fantasy, and ... who knows?


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